We help charities, no matter what their size, make a big noise. 


Cause Communications helps charities no matter what their size make a big noise.
With over 40 years of combined senior-level editorial experience the Cause Communications team knows exactly what the media needs.
As editors we were passionate about giving a voice to those who can’t speak out. The same dedication drives us now.
We are uniquely placed to deliver stories to the mass market as well as finely-targeted specialist audiences.
Cause Communications provides a full agency service.
Story-telling is at the heart of everything we do; from conceiving and developing creative campaign ideas, through to delivering comprehensive cross-media coverage.
We have unparalleled media contacts. We are agile, we have an impressive list of collaborators to provide perfectly tailored and efficient campaigns. We provide media training for charity clients - the most powerful advocates for your work - and charity staff.
We understand the importance of measuring results and we collaborate with clients to ensure mutually agreeable objectives, while establishing a clear reporting mechanic. From the spark of an idea through to comprehensive cross-media coverage, we work hand-in-hand with not-for-profit organisations to ensure their messages are heard.


“All charities are sitting on powerful and compelling stories. The skill is to understand how you harness them to deliver the coverage they deserve.”

— Sally land, CO-FOUNDER


Our Beginning 


Cause Communications is a company founded by Sam Carlisle and Sally Land with the intention of using their unparalleled journalism experience to create social change.

Sam and Sally have over 40 years' senior-level, national journalism experience between them. In that time they ran powerful campaigns and commissioned, sourced, wrote and edited thousands of mass-market stories. 

This unique experience means they know exactly what it takes to get your charity into the news for the right reasons. 

Cause Communications creates compelling campaigns and gets them noticed by the most relevant audiences.

With excellent contacts across print, digital, social media and broadcast the Cause team understands the best fit for your charity's message.

Cause is a young company based in London and Bath, with an incredible team the company can pull together for any project. 

Clients include the Disabled Children’s Partnership - an umbrella organisation of 60 of the leading British children’s charities, One Home, Genetic Disorders UK, Dimensions UK, Headtorch, Cure EB, ASDAN, Treehouse at Number 9, Jeans for Genes, Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, the AT Society and the CGD Society.





Caroline Harding, Chief Executive Jeans for Genes and Genetic Disorders UK:

Cause Communications has brought such innovative thinking to our work in relation to both our fundraising on Jeans for Genes Day and the desire we have to get the message out about the impact genetic disorders have on the lives of children, adults and their families.

While the directors have a traditional press background, Cause Communications has a very strong grasp of new media and how the different social media channels are evolving, which has helped shape our thinking on how to move our organisation forward.

I love the fact the team has a 24/7 passion for news and is constantly able to make links between our work and the headlines. Their insatiable curiosity about what is going in the world and their ability to see how the stories of our affected families fit in this world, ensures that we stay relevant for those we support and those we want to engage.

Polly Neate, CEO Shelter, former CEO Women's Aid:

Working with Sam was a game-changer for Women's Aid. 

Her combination of a deep understanding of and sympathy with the complex and often painful issues, plus the ability to express them powerfully for a wide audience with nothing lost in translation, is very unusual in journalists in my experience. 

She made a real difference for women who have been through the horror of domestic violence, playing a critical role in winning over £30 million new funding from the government. 

Sam is easy to work with, patient and creative – and crucially, she is fun to work with as well. 

She also expertly chaired our fringe meeting at Conservative Party Conference in 2016, balancing input from professionals and politicians, and personal testimony from survivors of domestic violence. It has been fantastic working with Sam.






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